Welcome to the start of a great career!

As an emerging construction professional, you need to gain knowledge and experience. Our culture fosters growth and opportunity for young emerging leaders, and you can rest assured that your managers will train and mentor you for the next steps in your career. We are devoted to your success!

Internship Program

Our internship program will prepare you for leadership positions both on and off the jobsite. Our program allows you to travel across the United States and through operational divisions to gain hands-on experience in project engineering and field management. We carefully match you with positions related to your academic and career goals, setting you up for the right career path after graduation.

Co-op Program

Our co-op program will prepare you for leadership positions both on and off the jobsite. We work with university cooperative education programs to alternate you through 3 – 5 work rotations. Each work rotation has a structured learning plan to enhance your education and introduce you to the perfect career path! The co-op rotation schedule allows for the perfect blend of academics and work experience to support you in a successful career!

Project Engineering

Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to grow your leadership, technical and managerial skills throughout your career at Walsh. As a young construction manager, you will have the opportunity to rotate through different career paths such as project management, superintendent, quality control and safety management, not only to make you a well-rounded construction professional, but also to help select the best career path for you.

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  • Gabby Yates

    Construction Management Intern

    “I work as an Intern on the old Cook County building restoration. We are restoring an old hospital built in 1910 and creating a beautiful hotel! I have learned so much about construction management during my time at Walsh. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to help me learn the ropes!”

    My name is Gabby Yates. I grew up on the south side/ south suburbs of Chicago.  I’m currently a Civil Engineering major at University of Illinois at Chicago. I have had a long, strenuous, unconventional journey to get to this point, and I’m so glad to have Walsh be a part of my story.

    As a double minority, I wasn’t quite sure what the team dynamic would be or how I would fit in, but Walsh has outstanding representation and a finely curated spectrum of personalities.  I’m excited that I’m able to contribute to the history of Chicago by working on the restoration of this beautiful historic building. While a lot of new buildings in the city are predominately glass, this building retains a unique and beautifully adorned façade made of terra cotta.

    Before coming here, I knew in theory what my career goals were, but it’s hard to visualize the specifics when you haven’t had hands-on experience. This opportunity has not only solidified my academic goals, but it also provided me with a more complete view of exactly what I want to do with such a multifaceted degree.

  • Jenna Levi

    Project Engineer (previous Intern)

    "I started my career with Walsh in the Quality Department and learned the basics of construction management before jumping into my onsite responsibilities at the OSU Medical Center. I learned so much from my mentors and team, and I am excited to be joining as a Project Engineer in May 2021!"

    I am from the North suburbs of Chicago, and I moved to Columbus, Ohio to study Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University (go Bucks!). At OSU, I have been active in Society of Women Engineers, the Humanities Scholars program, and many more programs involving people! One of my favorite parts of being a Buckeye is going to football games with friends and seeing the huge crowds of alum that come back every year.

    One of the biggest reasons why I decided to join Walsh was for the welcoming, spirited atmosphere. My team is not only proud of what they are building, they are also proud of the company that they represent. I've learned how important strong team collaboration is through the pre-construction process, and I have learned how much team and family dynamic is valued at Walsh.

    Outside of work, I like to take up creative hobbies including painting, tie-dying, and cooking. I also love spending time outdoors skiing, swimming, and exploring Metro Parks in Ohio! I love to be active and solve problems, and that's why construction felt like the perfect fit for me!

  • Bryce Lane

    Construction Management Co-op

    "Walsh has helped me grow professionally and personally. During my internship on the Valley View Bridge in Cleveland, Ohio, I was able to expand my knowledge of construction on the jobsite and in estimating. Additionally, Walsh challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, which drastically enhanced my personal skills."

    My parents always said that my favorite toys as a child were Geotrax. This may be true, but my love for construction did not fully develop until I stepped onto my first jobsite as a senior in high school. After graduating from Holy Name High School in Northeast, Ohio, I decided to attend the University of Cincinnati to study Civil Engineering. At UC, I am involved in the Choose Ohio First Program, Construction Student Association, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and UC Esports. My interest in Walsh sparked after I met a representative at the UC Interview Day. I was amazed by the diversity of projects that Walsh offered.

    When I am not working, I enjoy hanging out with friends, snowboarding, playing basketball, weightlifting, and playing Rocket League. My goal in life is to own a lake house equipped with a boat and some jet-skis so that I can enjoy with the people that I love!

  • Trey Pearce

    Project Engineer (previous Intern)

    “I pursued an internship at Archer Western because ever since I began my college career, I knew I wanted to go into the construction industry. Although I didn’t know much about the company when I applied, Archer Western’s reputation spoke for itself when I did my research and talked to my colleagues.”

    My internship was in Miami, FL, where I am from and went to college. I was on the Tamiami Canal Bridge Replacement project, which relocated a historic swing bridge, reinstalled it as a fixed pedestrian bridge, and built a brand new single-span bascule bridge. This experience allowed me to improve skills that I learned in school such as scheduling, surveying, and problem solving. My co-workers and superiors created an excellent work environment, providing many opportunities to challenge myself and take on different responsibilities for the project. My project manager gave me a full-time offer many months before I graduated, which I took because I was getting so many good experiences throughout my internship, and I couldn’t think of any other place I’d rather start my post-college career.

    I graduated at the exact same time that the project was closing out, and our whole team moved on to the I-395 Miami Signature Bridge Project, which was still in the pre-construction phase. Shortly after, I inquired about transferring to a different part of the country. Since I was in Miami my whole life, I wanted to move. They informed me that the Water Group in Texas needed a Project Engineer. Since my passion, besides work, is rodeo and calf roping, I was ecstatic to be able to move there. My fiancé and I packed up and moved, bringing our horses with us.

    Working in the Texas Water Group has been a huge change with all new experiences. Coming from the Transportation Group, I’ve been learning a whole new side of construction! Building a new Residuals Handling Facility at the Elm Fork Water Treatment Plant has been an awesome experience. Since moving, I’ve been able to start exploring my new state, mostly going to a lot of roping competitions in the area, checking out different parks, and exploring Dallas. I’m extremely thankful for Archer Western for providing me all of these opportunities throughout the past two years. I recommend to anyone who is interested in construction to pursue a career with Archer Western.

  • Cara Luckett

    Construction Management Intern

    "I’ve been able to work two internships with Walsh, one at the Chicago Main Office and another at a jobsite. The teams that I worked with throughout my internships have continuously helped me develop as an individual and in the field of construction. I am looking forward to my co-op assignment next spring!"

    I was born and raised in Downers Grove, a suburb of Chicago and am currently a student at Michigan State University studying Civil Engineering. At Michigan State, I’ve been able to take part in the Women in Engineering program as well as volunteer at career fairs.

    I initially gained interest in working for Walsh and being a part of the construction industry through my dad, who has worked as a pipefitter all of his life. Him and I could cruise down Lakeshore Drive in Chicago and stare at the incredible buildings and architecture for hours on end. I could not describe the joy I felt on the intern jobsite tour last summer, when I got to see my dad in action at Wolf Point East!

    Besides my school and work life, I love to spend weekends up at my lake house in Michigan with friends and family. At the lake, I can almost always be found at the local ice cream shop, going on long walks, or cooking some sort of healthy treats. I am obsessed with being outdoors and up on my feet moving, which is part of the reason I felt the construction industry was for me.

  • JT Tolentino

    Construction Management Intern

    "My first project working with the Walsh is the Crenshaw/LAX Metro. I have worked on various parts of this project, which I have been able to learn from exponentially. Being able to see a project develop from a ditch to an entire 8-mile stretch of rail and stations is very rewarding!"

    I grew up in Los Feliz, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California with my parents, older brother and younger sister. I attend California State University, Long Beach, where I study Civil Engineering. During my time at Long Beach State, I developed strong communication skills as well as problem solving skills, where I earned the opportunity to work with the Walsh Group.

    There are countless aspects of the Walsh that I appreciate. I think that it is an amazing general contracting group, which is large enough to be recognized as a top 15 contractor in the nation, but small enough for individuals to be acknowledged as well as get the recognition that they deserve. In my experience working with Walsh, I have made numerous connections with individuals that really care about my wellbeing as well as other employees.


Internship Program

The Walsh Group is a very large, financially sound company with a small, family-owned feel. Our entire career development system is built on the philosophy that it is in our best interest as a company to have our employees excel quickly. To ensure the interns see as much of the company as possible, we take them on special trips to see interesting and unique job sites and expose them to training opportunities. When they return to school, we like to keep the relationship alive by providing sponsorship and support for clubs they belong to and causes they care about. If you are looking for a deep and rewarding professional experience, this is the place for you.

Raymond’s Story

Ray shares his story about how taking an opportunity to intern with Walsh changed his career interests. Today, he is a project engineer working on some of our largest projects across the United States.